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Types and experimental uses of vacuum blood vessels

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Guangxi disposable vacuum venous blood sample collection container consists of glass tube or pet tube, butyl rubber stopper, plastic safety helmet, anticoagulant (EDTA-K2, edta-k3, edta-n2, sodium citrate, heparin sodium, heparin lithium or potassium oxalate / sodium fluoride) or coagulation accelerator (glass powder) or serum separating agent( α- A copolymer of olefin and anhydrous maleic acid. According to the size, it can be divided into several specifications; According to different additives, it can be divided into additive free tube, coagulation promoting tube, separation gel + coagulation promoting tube, oxalate / sodium fluoride, 3.2% sodium citrate (9:1), heparin sodium, heparin lithium, dipotassium salt, Tripotassium salt, disodium salt and 3.8% sodium citrate (4:1).

Blood routine tube is a kind of vacuum blood collection vessel with EDTA · K2 and EDTA · K3 as anticoagulants. It is widely used in clinical hematology examination and suitable for all kinds of blood cell analyzers. International uniform color code: purple common test tube specification: ¢ 13 × 75mm、¢12 × 75mm、¢12 × 100mm。 Routine blood volume: 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml. Anticoagulant Name: EDTA · K2, EDTA · K3. Reagent status: water agent, dry powder, spray. Reagent concentration: 3.6% EDTA · K2 EDTA · K3. Clinical application: hematology routine examination, whole blood examination, blood test. Sample preparation steps: reverse immediately after blood collection and mix well for 8 times → mix well before test. The allowable operating temperature of sample collection is 0-37 ℃. Maximum vacuum error: ± 10% (within allowable ambient temperature). Corresponding altitude error: ± 200m。

Types and uses of vacuum blood collection safety helmet color additives types of specimen preparation clinical application remarks red tube serum biochemical test: liver function, blood glucose, blood lipid, inorganic ions, serum protein, various enzyme determination serological test: immunoglobulin, complement, immune complex, C-reactive protein, autoantibody, tumor immunity, anti-tumor immunity All kinds of virus detection and blood test. The extensive use of automatic instruments and the preservation of blood put forward higher requirements for the stability of the original properties of blood samples, which makes the vacuum blood collection technology break through the requirements of safety only, while the accuracy, the original properties of the samples, the maintenance time, the tube machine cooperation, the tube strength and other performance indicators can not be ignored

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