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How to use disposable materials

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The company is a professional medical device joint-stock enterprise integrating production, sales and after-sales service. It is one of the largest medical device enterprises in South China. The company's main products are: medical care beds, cars, Taiwan series; Stainless steel instruments and utensils; Family rehabilitation physiotherapy series; Medical consumables; Medical examination equipment; Ultrasonic equipment; Operating room equipment; Gynecology andrology equipment; Pharmaceutical decocting equipment; Treatment rehabilitation equipment and other varieties. In order to achieve the value of life as the goal, innovation and technology, career achievement as their own responsibility, to the tireless pursuit, personally verify the sacrifice spirit of product quality, and strive to create high-quality brand products. The company's first products: Guangxi blood collection tube, vacuum quantitative blood collection tube, there are two kinds of glass and plastic, various specifications are complete, can meet the needs of medical clinical examination and scientific research. The company has one-time vacuum venous blood sample collection container manufacturers, 10000, 100000 purification production, experimental plant, all kinds of certificates, facilities.

Usage of disposable venous blood sampling needle: take the product out of small package, and take off the protective cover of venous puncture end; After skin disinfection, venipuncture was carried out. When there was blood return in the hose, the manufacturer of disposable vacuum venous blood sample collection container inserted the needle at the butt end into the negative pressure blood collection container to collect blood. If multiple blood samples need to be collected, the needle at the butt end can be pulled out from the negative pressure blood collection container and then inserted into another negative pressure blood collection container. Scope of application: This product is suitable for single use venous blood sample collection containers, taking blood samples from human veins.

After venipuncture, the upper part of the rubber plug may have residual blood flow, so attention should be paid to avoid contacting with blood when operating the collection tube. Any stent contaminated by blood should be cleaned or treated properly; The tourniquet should be released as soon as the blood enters the collection tube. If the amount of blood collected is not enough or there is no blood flowing into the collection tube, the following steps are recommended to obtain satisfactory results:

1) Push the collecting tube forward to make sure that the rubber plug is penetrated;

2) Adjust the position of the needle in the vein;

3) Replace a new acquisition tube and push it into the bracket casing;

4) If the blood collection tube cannot be replaced, remove and discard the double head blood collection needle. Repeat the steps from step 1.

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