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Policy changes drive the development trend of nursing consumables industry

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China has entered an aging society, and the incidence rate of high incidence of diseases is increasing. According to who statistics, in China, the incidence rate of diseases related to bedsore, such as stroke, has reached 2.5 per thousand in recent years, which will inevitably lead to the amplification of corresponding treatment and nursing market. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of health care is becoming stronger and stronger. How to improve the curative effect of patients with bedsore, improve the quality of life of patients, and effectively reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff, is worthy of the attention of the whole society. Bedsore prevention products have a wide demand in the hospital market. At present, inflatable mattress, application, special care and other products and services are mainly used to prevent and treat bedsore. Inflatable mattress has become the most effective and practical bedsore prevention product because of its good preventive effect, repeated use, one-time cost investment and other advantages. So, what is the development prospect of sodium citrate tube and inflatable mattress, and what are the constraints and promotion factors? Huicong dunbaishi medical research visited the health management department, senior people in clinical nursing field and nursing appliance manufacturers to discuss the future development of air mattress products.

Where is the good nursing consumables? At present, the main factor hindering the development of inflatable mattress products is policy. First of all, the state's investment in basic medical care is not enough, and the funds of non-profit medical institutions for outsourcing products are not enough. Moreover, many medical institutions, especially hospitals above the third level, implement the independent accounting system of clinical departments, resulting in more scattered funds in the hospital, which is difficult to improve the allocation rate of air mattress; Secondly, the price control of medical services in China is relatively strong. All provinces, cities and autonomous regions have made clear regulations on the price of various services of non-profit medical institutions, including the daily unit price of bedsore prevention air cushion bed added to the bed fee of inpatients. The price is not the same in different provinces, some of which are 2 or 3 yuan, and more than 20 yuan, The price of inflatable mattress purchased by hospitals is hundreds of times of the usage fee charged to patients, and the fund recovery cycle is long, which is one of the main reasons hindering the development of inflatable mattress products!

The driving factors for the development of nursing consumables in Guangxi are as follows: first, the listing of some domestic high-quality medical device enterprises, on the one hand, standardizes the operation of enterprises, on the other hand, financing can promote the development of new products and the establishment of overseas markets; 2、 China's medical device market accounts for 14% of China's pharmaceutical (19.80, - 0.14, - 0.70%) market, while the global medical device market accounts for 42% of the total pharmaceutical market, which means that China's medical device market still has a lot of room for development; 3、 The acceleration of China's urbanization and aging population and the enhancement of residents' self-care awareness have increased the public demand for medical and health services.

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