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Principles and advantages of disposable sampling containers

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The ideal chemical disinfectant should have the following conditions: broad spectrum of sterilization; The effective concentration is low; The action speed is fast; It is stable in nature; The action time is long; No irritant, corrosive and allergic reaction; Colorless, tasteless, odorless, and easy to remove residual drugs after use; Soluble in water; It can be used at low temperature; It is not easily affected by organic matter, acid, alkali and other physical and chemical factors; It has low toxicity, is not easy to burn and explode, and has no danger in use; It is easy to use and cheap.

The principle of chemical disinfectant in disposable vacuum venous blood sample collection vessel:

(1) The appropriate disinfectant should be selected according to the properties of the articles and the characteristics of different microorganisms.

(2) Before soaking and disinfection, the articles should be cleaned and dried to remove grease and blood pus; When soaking, open the coupling or cover of the device, and fill the control with the liquid medicine to make all the articles immersed in the disinfectant. The time should be re timed when adding items in the soaking towel.

(3) Strictly master the effective concentration, disinfection time and use method of disinfectant, and use fresh disinfectant.

(4) The concentration, time and temperature of disinfectant shall be monitored regularly according to the type and characteristics of disinfectant, and the results shall be recorded. The results shall conform to the regulations of the disinfectant. The disinfectant should be replaced regularly, and the volatile disinfectant should be capped to maintain the effective concentration.

(5) Gauze, cotton, etc. cannot be placed in the disinfectant, because such articles can absorb disinfectant and reduce the disinfection effect.

(6) After disinfection, the articles shall be monitored regularly, and the monitoring methods and results shall meet the national standards.

(7) For articles soaked and sterilized, sterile physiological saline or sterile distilled water shall be used for washing before use; The sterilized articles should be used after the gas is released to avoid stimulating the tissue.

The disposable venous blood sample collection container consists of tube, plug, safety helmet, additive and / or additive, which can be divided into two supply modes: sterile supply and non sterile supply. The test tube is vacuum pumped quantitatively, sealed by butyl rubber plug and equipped with safety helmet to prevent blood splashing caused by opening the cover during the experiment. According to the blood collection and experimental requirements, additives and / or accessories which can meet the requirements are preset in the pipe, and the color of safety helmet is used to distinguish them.

Characteristics and advantages of disposable collection vessel blood collector in Guangxi:

1. more accurate results

The patent of the United States patent is to balance neutral heparin, avoid combining the cations in blood samples, and eliminate the deviation factors of dilution samples of liquid heparin, and ensure accurate measurement results.

2. safer use

Integrated stab protection cover, 360 ° Protect your operation safety and avoid acupuncture injury.

3. operation is simpler

Considerate thumb shelf design. After blood collection, put your thumb on the shelf, and push down the anti puncture protective sleeve to easily remove the contaminated needle.

4. sampling is more convenient

Integrated anti puncture protection sleeve, in line with the operator's use habits. When the artery puncture, the operator's vision was not affected, and the blood filling state was observed dynamically.

5. the specimen is more anticoagulant

The thin concave heparin fiber sheet designed by redu specialty has similar functions as mixing rod, which makes heparin dissolution process more quickly, ensures that blood samples are fully anticoagulant, does not block blood gas analyzer, and reduces maintenance cost.

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