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Sponge swab

【Specification and model】Type A:1 piece / bag, 100 pieces / bag, 200 pieces / bag, 500 pieces / bagType B:5 piece / bag, 100
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Specification and model

Type A1 piece / bag, 100 pieces / bag, 200 pieces / bag, 500 pieces / bag

Type B5 piece / bag, 100 pieces / bag, 200 pieces / bag, 500 pieces / bag

Scope of application

It is used for sample collection, transportation and storage.

Product performance and main structure composition

The outer surface of the disposable sampler shall be smooth without foreign impurities, burrs, plastic flow, scratches and other defects. The bristles of the sampling head shall be soft and free from defects such as hair loss and lack. Apply 5N axial static tension at the connection between the sampling handle and the sampling head to keep it from falling off and breaking for 10s.

The product consists of swabs. Non sterile.



Precautions, warnings and suggestive instructions

This product is only for one-time use. It shall be used in strict accordance with the operating specifications. Please destroy it immediately after use. Reuse is prohibited. The disposal of wastes shall be carried out in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations on environmental protection.

The product shall be stored in a dry, ventilated, non radioactive gas and clean room.

The production batch number of the product is shown at the seal of the package. The validity period is 2 years. If the inner package is damaged, it is prohibited to use.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, pay attention to the production date and batch number of the product, and do not use it within the time limit.

Sponge swab(图1)

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