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EDTA blood routine tube

Body material: petBasic specification: Φ 13x75/100 Φ 16x100basic functions: blood routine tube is widely used in clinical hem
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Blood routine tube is widely used in clinical hematology examination, and suitable for all kinds of blood cell analyzer. It provides a comprehensive and meticulous protection scheme for blood cells, especially the bionic membrane treatment technology, which can effectively prevent platelet aggregation and activation, prevent coagulation, and protect the shape and volume of blood cells from being affected for a long time.

International advanced technology: Eternal isotonic can keep the quantity of additive constant for a long time; The quantitative spray technology makes the admixture fully and quickly dispersed and fully mixed with blood samples. Plasmin activator can solve the problem of blood routine test in patients with hypercoagulable state.

Product specification:

categoryvarietiesAdditivesColor codePipe materialInspection scopeTube specification (mm)

Suction capacity


Factory model
PlasmaBlood routine tubeEDTA*K2violetPETBlood cell count, part of molecular biology examinationΦ13x751-4mlHD375812
Φ16x100 1-10mlHD600802
Φ16x100 1-10mlHD600803

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