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Separation gel coagulant tube

Pipe material:PETBasic specifications:Φ13x75/100 Φ16x100Basic functions: separation gel coagulation promoting tube is used fo
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       Separation gel coagulation promoting tube is used for clinical biochemistry, immunology and therapeutic drug detection. It is born in response to the requirements of serum storage safety. The physical and chemical properties of inert separation gel are stable. After centrifugation, it forms a barrier between blood cells and serum to improve serum production. It does not absorb proteins and small molecular interference components in blood. It can maintain the original properties of serum components for a long time, which is convenient for specimen detection and review.

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SerumSeparation gel - coagulation promoting tubeSeparation gel + acceleratoryellowPETDrug testingΦ13x751-4mlHD375311

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