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Body material: petBasic specification: Φ 13x75/100 Φ 16x100basic functions: the coagulant tube contains coagulant, which can
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The coagulant tube is used to collect and hold blood samples of biochemistry in medical examination. The application of coagulant inducer makes the blood coagulate completely in a short time, and obtains high quality serum by centrifugal aid, avoiding the blood cell rupture problem which is difficult to solve in the process of rapid coagulation, and solves the problems of coagulation and hemolysis, and meets the requirements of rapid outpatient and emergency.

The size of nano coagulant inducer is constant, and it is evenly distributed on the inner wall of the blood collection vessel. Blood samples are fully contacted with them after entering the tube to avoid the phenomenon of fibrin precipitation and hemolysis caused by incomplete coagulation promotion and uneven coagulation promotion speed. Meanwhile, it also avoids the contamination of serum samples due to the excessive sedimentation of particles on the lower part of the test tube or too small floating on the surface.

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SerumCoagulation promoting tubeAcceleratororangePETimmunological testsΦ13x751-4mlHD375211

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