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Blood glucose special tube

Body material: petBasic specification: Φ 13x75 / 100basic function: blood glucose tube is used for blood glucose measurement
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The blood glucose tube is used for blood glucose measurement or glucose tolerance test. The tube wall is evenly sprayed with EDTA anticoagulant and sodium fluoride, a glycogen stabilizer, to keep the blood glucose concentration stable for 24 hours at room temperature.

Blood glucose tube is widely used in blood sample collection and anticoagulation for blood glucose, glucose tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis, anti alkali hemoglobin, glycolysis and other tests. Huadu introduced inhibitory anticoagulant cell dormancy technology to lock the metabolic channel of blood glucose, solved the irresistible hemolysis phenomenon of traditional anticoagulant system, avoided the appearance of insoluble anticoagulant products, and ensured that the blood glucose value was constant within 72 hours.

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PlasmaBlood glucose special tubeSodium fluoride + EDTA K2greyPETBlood glucose, glucose tolerance, etcΦ13x751-4mlHD375511

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