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Body material: petBasic specification: Φ 13x75/100 Φ 16x100 / 125basic functions: the special coagulation tube (sodium citrat
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The special coagulation tube is mainly used for the examination of coagulation mechanism. The tube provides a constant buffer system for blood samples to ensure that the anticoagulant ratio is constant at 0.109 mol / L; It provides an ultra-high surface energy surface to avoid platelet activation, and provides conditions for reliable and constant detection values of Pt and APTT.

Usually, there is no "dead space" blood coagulation tube, and there is no free space above the blood, which leads to the limitation of the mixing process of blood and anticoagulant, which affects the quality of samples and the final test results. Huadu adopts double-layer blood collection vessel to avoid the air permeability and water permeability of single-layer blood collection vessel and enhance the chemical stability. At the same time, it solves the "dead space" problem in clinical laboratory by injecting inert protective gas and providing ultra-high surface energy surface, which not only ensures the free space needed for blood and anticoagulant to mix well, It also prevents the influence of air environment on blood samples.

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PlasmaCoagulation tubeSodium citrate (1:9)bluePETPT、APTT、TT etc.Φ13x751-4mlHD375611

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